5/13/10 - GoldCorp Holdings Co. (GHDC.OB) is Perfect

I don't usually do posts in the middle of the day, but this one's too obvious not to mention right now. GoldCorp Holdings Co. (GHDC.OB) is the next perfect stock. I'll be brief since I don't have much time:

- Technicals are at breakout levels
- Gold is on fire
- Company is tightly connected to SFMI which has had a stratospheric rise

Hopefully, I'll have more time later to do a more in depth post, but this one is easy money in my opinion.


I just wanted to mention a few more points as to why I like GHDC.OB:

- Although GHDC.OB has 184 million shares, the float is less than 49 million shares

- SFMI leases property owned by GHDC. GHDC gets $1 million a year for the lease plus 15% of SFMI's revenue (not profit) from the property

- SFMI and GHDC have a similar share structure yet SFMI is at 40 cents and GHDC is at 7 cents

I look for a lot of people who have made a killing in SFMI to start taking profits and move some of that money into GHDC while it's still cheap.