ZSTN Is Potentially Perfect 4/26/12

Here's a really quick post for a potentially huge money maker. The hidden gems in the stock market have been delisted Chinese companies.  The latest of many big winners under this profile was CMEDY.PK.  It opened around .60, more than doubled the first day, and went as high as $4.50 in just a few weeks.  The key is to make sure the stock opens low (maybe $0.75 or lower) and monitor if it shows signs of trending up in early trading.  If it does, load the boat as you probably see at least 75% gains.  ZSTN is a Chinese stock that resumes trading on 4-26-11 after it stopped trading on the big board in late March. If it trends down early or the opening price is $1.50 or more, you may want to steer clear. However, if you see it open much lower than its last listed price of $2.21/ share and it quickly begins to gear higher, it could potentially be a big winner for you.  ZSTN is potentially the next perfect stock.