2-22-10 - Perfect Chart: Tres Estrellas Enterprises, Inc. / IN Media Corp (TLLA.OB)

I've got a new Perfect Chart post that briefly highlights a stock that's potentially a nice moneymaker. This stock is currently in an uptrend that is ridiculously strong. It also appears to be pretty unknown since I can't find a single blog or article discussing the company's steady move higher. However, I think it'll be popping up on many people's radar very soon. Tres Estellas Enterprises, Inc. (TLLA.OB) is the next perfect chart.

Tres Estellas Enterprises, Inc. is shell company that entered into a merger agreement with IN Media Corp back in November 2009. IN Media is a developer of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) appliances and interfaces with implementations of the technology in key provinces of China and planned rollouts in India and the United States. IN Media Corp is the surviving name of the merged companies.

See below for a 3-month chart of TLLA.OB as of 2/22/10:

This is one of the craziest uptrends that I've seen in some time. There has only been one red trading day since 12/11/09. One red day in over a 2 month time frame is almost unheard of. The volume has been very light, but it is starting to pick up and the chart is starting to turn more parabolic. In digging a little deeper, I've also found that TLLA.OB has really only had 2 MMs on the bid/ask: DOMS and ABLE. These two have a reputation as being two of the more friendly MMs out there. That is a huge positive.

Stocks like TLLA.OB are often low risk / high reward stocks for those that get in before the herd and don't get too greedy. Based on stocks with trends like this in past, you could see either a quick double on heavy volume or a slow grind higher on consistently light volume. If you decide to buy, be careful using stop losses. Stocks like this can violently dip all of a sudden and recover in a matter of hours (look at what happened to NGLF.OB on 2/5/10 as proof http://www.google.com/finance/historical?q=OTC:NGLF). It can be tough to buy a stock on technicals alone, but IN Media's recent trading history is awful hard to ignore. TLLA.OB is the next Perfect Chart.