11/16/20 - Perfect Charts: MMOG, REVO, and MONT

Periodically, I'll do a quick post on stocks that I believe have perfect charts. These are stocks that have a super strong uptrend and should definitely be on every trader or investor's radar. The stocks that I believe have perfect charts are MMOG, REVO, and MONT.

See see the charts for MMOG, REVO, and MONT respectively below:

I'm not going to go into any detail regarding the company make up of these three tickers symbols since this post is all about the charts. However, I will say that of the three, MONT is the most appealing to me. It's moving as a "incher" (meaning consistent 1-3% daily gains) and doing so on steadily increasing volume. That's a very bullish trading pattern. Often times the daily moves "speed up" and get progressively larger. Stocks like these in many instances double or triple from the price at the start of the move. Because MONT first started to move at around $0.85/share, it still potentially has a lot more upside.

MMOG, REVO, and particularly MONT are worth following, further investigating, and maybe even buying. No one knows what the future holds and there are no guarantees, but there's no doubt that right now those three stocks have perfect charts.